Our Story

/ˈlōd-stär/:  A person or thing that serves as your guide through unchartered territory.

Most legal recruiters don’t have the first clue about serving attorneys - why?  They’ve never walked in the shoes of a practicing attorney. 

Founded by former Gibson Dunn associate Jason Cunningham, Lodestar Recruiting puts attorneys in the best possible hands – those of former attorneys who know the lifestyle, demands and quirks of practicing in the legal profession.  After graduating from Harvard Law School, Jason worked for Gibson Dunn in both litigation and corporate law practices over the course of six years.  Most legal recruiters have no clue what practicing at a big firm is like.  As such, Jason saw an opportunity to develop a recruiting style and firm where haphazardly submitting candidates to positions and being commission driven were not the principles Lodestar recruiting would operate by.  We are in the unique position of being able to view candidates as peers and fellow attorneys and we bring to the table a respect for what the actual practice of law is like (the lifestyle, the actual work being performed, and the many different career trajectories out there).  This experience that Lodestar recruiting has behind it guides us in our ability to actually listen to candidates and find them the right fit they are looking for in terms of a lateral placement, in-house move or a relocation geographically.